Liceo makes it a priority to achieve the highest quality with each and every one of our products. To achieve these, the company counts on highly-qualified personnel, works with the best machinery and uses certified materials. Likewise, Liceo has a commitment to continuous incorporation of new technologies in all its processes.

Liceo offers its clients the Liceo Quality Guarantee: If an order is in any way deficient and the company is responsible, Liceo will proceed to the immediate repetition or corresponding refund.

Considerations about the application of the Guarantee

Application of the Guarantee

  • Orders with standard delivery (10, 15 and 20 days): In claims accepted, Liceo will proceed to the repetition and immediate delivery of defective goods.
  • Orders with express delivery (1, 3, 5 and 7 days): In claims accepted, Liceo will proceed to the repetition and immediate delivery of defective goods. If the client doesn't accept this solution, Liceo will proceed to the full refund.
  • In case of repetition of an order, Liceo reserves the right to collect the defective material.
  • Claims must be made within 48 hours from reception of the order. No claims will be accepted after that deadline.
  • To make a complaint the client must contact Liceo by telephone or by e-mail.

Client responsibilities

  • Client is responsible for the content of the files sent. Liceo will send a digital test (pdf file) before printing to confirm that the information received is correct. The acceptance by the client implies that the test has been read and reviewed.
  • If Liceo modifies the text or composition of a file, for the client request, the ultimately responsible for the changes made will be the client. Therefore, it must be checked in the digital test that changes have been made ​​correctly.
  • If Liceo detects low-resolution files, will notify customer for their replacement. If the client decides to keep the original files, Liceo won't be responsible for printing pixelated images or texts.
  • An irregular calibration on the computer can lead to differences in color between the screen image and the printed product. Liceo ensures professional calibration in all monitors, but can not be responsible for color calibration in client's computer.
  • Client is responsible for the information given when the order is placed (material, quantity, finish, etc.). Liceo won’t be responsible for mistakes that the customer can make providing this information.
  • Client is responsible for the content of the files sent in all their legal aspects: authorship, legality of the contents, etc.

Considerations about the production

  • Given the characteristics of different printing systems, an order may have slight color variations along the run. In the same way, there may be slight color variations between one order and another done previously with the same file.
  • The Production Department will decide for each order the printing system to use (offset, digital, typographical, etc.). If the client wishes to ensure the use of any of these systems, an additional amount of € 150 will have to be paid.
  • The amount delivered of an order can range 3% above or below the amount requested. This oscillation will not increase or decrease the price given.

Considerations about the delivery

  • Liceo is not responsible for any damage that may occur during transport and delivery of the order. However, if it were the case, Liceo will use all means necessary to negotiate with the courier company to proceed to a fair compensation.

The Liceo team is always available to resolve any questions about its Quality policy.